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In this exciting turn-based game, you must save the world from the mad machine machinations of the Artificial King. However, the only version of the game I could get my hands on was sadly at the final dungeon already, and there's no "delete save" button. Sorry about that. Hopefully you can still understand what's going on in the story.

This game contains some mild flashing lights, so player beware.

-AI-generated art, powered (?) by DALL-E mini! See the future with your very own fingertips! (or eyes)

- Human-generated art too! They sadly haven't invented a program that can sprite yet, so...

- Cool soundtrack! None of those Kevin MacLeod tracks you've already heard in seventeen YouTube videos about building a birdhouse!

- Unique gameplay! Kinda! Maybe! Not necessarily GOOD unique, but... unique unique.

- Four party members! Sort of!

- Deep, lorey story about something vaguely related to corruption! It's like Dark Souls, but with AIs or something! I don't know!

- You can play it with a controller! Why is this listed as a feature.

- Includes the full soundtrack and some (un)used AI-generated graphics for you to gawk at! DALL-E is surprisingly good at generating smileys!

So what are you waiting for? Polish your sword and shield and get at those AI bastards!

P.S. play Unobelisk


Artificial Indemnity.zip 63 MB


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I'd love to see this get adapted into a full concept!

Maybe one day. Dall-E 2 looks very promising for this kind of nonsense.